Eat Play Love Des Moines grew out of an obsession with posting photos from the fabulous locations my family was visiting, the food we were eating or fun things we were doing. After much encouragement from my friends, I decided to share these experiences so other people could learn about all the fun things to do, places to eat and shop, local businesses to visit, and seasonal events going on.

There is a strong focus on Central Iowa, but we will periodically post about other areas as well. Look here for upcoming events, reviews of restaurants, and activities for kids and adults. We would also love for you to let us know about your experiences with the places we’ve visited too!

We frequent shows at the Civic Center, Des Moines Playhouse, and other venues. We take our kids to fabulous places around town like the zoo, science center, libraries, Historical Building, apple orchards, plays, and others that don’t break the bank or require days of planning. Best of all, we’ll tell you where to be and when to be there!

We’ll let you know the best places for a girl’s night out, date night, or just where to go if you’re bored. We also have great recommendations if you feel like tapping into your inner artist, chef, or gymnast!

[one_half last=”no”][person name=”Sheryl Tessier” picture=”” pic_link=”” title=”Owner” email=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_blank”]While Sheryl is actually a native of Boston, Massachusetts, She is now happy to call Des Moines home.  Since moving to Des Moines in 2005, she’s gained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Drake, one husband and one kid. When Sheryl isn’t visiting fun restaurants and events and blogging about them, she enjoys catching up on her favorite TV shows (Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy), working out and spending lots of time with family. [/person][/one_half]
[one_half last=”yes”][person name=”Nate Huber” picture=”” pic_link=”” title=”Web Guru” email=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_self”]Nate Huber lives, works, and plays in the Des Moines area with his family. While he enjoys taking advantage of everything that Des Moines has to offer, he leaves the blogging to Sheryl and makes sure the site runs smoothly, looks nice, and does what Sheryl wants it to do. If something breaks or looks funky, it’s probably his fault (but not always!).[/person][/one_half]