Bonefish Creole Menu

I was lucky enough to be invited in to try Bonefish’s seasonal menu this month!  They are featuring a New Orleans Creole-Style menu with lots of Cajun spices and we were excited to try it.

Of course you know we are super fans of the Bang Bang Shrimp, Crab and Corn Chowder and martinis, so I tend to stick with my favorites, but I love when they encourage me to try something new.

We started with the bacon-wrapped scallops (yum) where the mango salsa was the star of the show. As you all know, being from New England, I’m pretty particular about my seafood and Bonefish always does a good job.

I had the Creole-style Redfish which was very tasty and the flavor was amplified by the spicy, crawfish-filled sauce.

Rick got the soft-shell stuffed Maryland crab, which was something new to both of us.  Once he figured out how to eat it he really enjoyed it!  Apparently most of a soft-shell crab is edible.  who knew?  Well, I suppose people who eat crab often….anyway….The stuffing was flavorful and delicious.

They are featuring a Strawberry Shortcake dessert (yum) and a few interesting martinis (Pomegranate Sage and Wild Orchid Hawaiian-double yum).

Don’t miss this seasonal menu!  We always have a great meal at Bonefish in West Glen in West Des Moines.  The staff is always friendly and attentive and the food is always great.

While they got me to stray from my favorite entrees this time..they weren’t able to keep me away from my favorite dessert on earth…the Jamaican Coconut Pie….OMG!  Worth a visit just for this dessert….and worth a visit just for the Bang Bang Shrimp….Wait. Also worth a visit just for the Crab and Corn Chowder.  Ok, everything is good!  Just go.

And I’m just kidding, there are some super entrees on the seasonal menu, I love the Creole theme this season and love that I get to try things I normally wouldn’t, so go check them out and try something new!   You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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