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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.42.38 PMFor me, there was always a little bit of mystery behind my Hy-Vee Fuel Saver card.  I mean, I got the gist.  You sign up at the store for a card and when you buy products that are offering fuel saver credit, you rack up points and you use that to get cheap gas.

But, I had no idea it was so much more.  Thanks to the newly launched Hy-veeDeals.com website, it all makes so much more sense.
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.42.02 PMYou can access Hy-veedeals.com from you smartphone, tablet or computer and it’s an easy way to browse all of the deals and savings happening at your Hy-vee daily.  They personalize the website to your buying preferences so you always know when your favorite items are on sale, make shopping lists that you can access at the store or when ordering off of Hy-vee Aisles (Have you gotten your groceries delivered yet?!), get new and exciting recipes to try or check your fuel saver points balance.  Apparently I buy a lot of Doritos and toilet paper according to my personalized site…..hrmmm…..

It’s convenient and easy to get started.  all you do is sign up on the website, select the store of your choice, sync your Hy-vee Fuel Saver and perks card and start saving.

Hy-vee wants to help you try out their website by giving having me give one lucky EPLDSM reader a $50 Hy-vee Gift card!  What a perfect way to throw that summer BBQ and invite the neighbors to try out some of the great recipes featured on Hy-vee.com.

To enter, just make a comment on this post and for extra entries, share this post on Facebook or share the link to this post on Instagram and tag @eatplaylovedsm and use the hashtag #Hyveedeals #SummerSavings or #CouponCommunity.

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  1. PhyllisY
    PhyllisY says:

    I love Hy-veedeals.com! Hy-vee is always coming up with neat and useful new things to save us shoppers time and money. Kudos!

  2. Christine Montgomery
    Christine Montgomery says:

    HyVee is great! I have used the fuel saver to the point where I only paid a dollar to fill my tank. I also got several gift cards when using the card. Lobe it’s!


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