Sakura Sushi

So the temperature hit 100+ degrees this week as you all are well aware.  I still wanted some good eats, but not something that would weigh me down make me regret it.  I decided to check out the bento box at Sakura Sushi in West Des Moines.  It’s right in the same plaza as Hy-vee at Grand and Ep True.



This restaurant was so cute!  I had never been there before even though I drive by all the time.

I pulled a seat up to the sushi bar to watch the action and chat a bit.    There was only one other table seated when I was there during the lunch hour, but the sushi chef assured me it would get much busier later.

I can totally see why he said it would get crazy in there!  It was great!  I ordered the chicken teriyaki bento box which included miso soup or salad, teriyaki chicken, rice, half of a California roll, sliced oranges and two pot stickers.  All for only $7.95!  Options like shrimp and tempura were a little more expensive, but not much,


I always love a good salad with ginger dressing and this one did not disappoint.  They were generous with the dressing and it was a nice starter.  I was so impressed with my bento box.  The chicken was moist and piping hot served over veggies and the tastiest sweet sauce.  It was maybe the best teriyaki chicken I’ve had in a bento box.  My California roll was fresh and the pot stickers were crispy.  I thoroughly enjoyed this meal

I was too full for dessert (event though I was aiming for a light meal) but the fried bananas would have been my choice even though the ice cream options sounded good as well.

They have all-you-can eat sushi on Mondays for $19.95 and all of the special rolls are only $9.95 on Wednesdays.  These awesome bento boxes are served every day for lunch and are a great deal.

If you love sushi, or any of the Japanese specialties they offer and don’t want to fight the crowds downtown, check out Sakura.  You’ll like it!

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