Interview with Chef Sean from Proof

Chef Sean Wilson took over Proof Restaurant at 1301 Locust Street in Des Moines after a friend decided to sell the Restaurant, formerly known as….Proof.


He thought it was a great way to prove what they could do and make high-end Mediterranean cuisine accessible to everyone.


Sean grew up in a small town where everyone either went into Construction, fishing or cooking, so he knew how to cook very young, but found his calling after stints as an actuary and serving in the Coast Guard


Chef Sean believes a big part of his success is his business methods.  He treats his staff very well and in turn, they love their jobs and produce the best products.  He says they are like a family at Proof.

Chef Sean loves to have fun while creating new things.  While he isn’t big into competition, he knows that his food is among the best and is excited about Battledish on October 5th to be able to show off some of his creations.


Read our full review of Proof Restaurant here.  Since our last review of Proof, we’ve been to two of their “Second Saturday” dinners which I discuss in the review and they were both out of this world.  Get signed up early because they usually sell out about two weeks before each event!  The pictures shown are from the last Second Saturday, a beef tartare and an iced tea cocktail.