IMG_5541I bet you didn’t know there is a place right here in DSM where you can make your own wine!  Well, there is!It’s called Vines to Wines and it’s located in the basement of Eric Welch’s charming, historic home in Sherman Hill.

We got the pleasure of attending a class this week and it was so much fun!  It’s $42 per person and you sign up for the night that they are making the wine that most interests you.  (You can find the calendar on the website: ( We picked a Chilean Malbec, but the gamut ranges from sweet, fruity white wines to bold reds, so you are sure to find one you like.

IMG_5540These are two part classes.  The first one is about an hour and a half and Eric teaches you everything you need to know about the wine making process (he’s quite the wealth of knowledge) and you actually help make a batch of wine.  Then, you return two months later to bottle and label your wine.  You get to take 3 bottles of the wine home with you!  For $42 we think it’s a great deal.

The downside is that you can’t drink the wine right away.  You have to wait 12-24 months to drink your wine.  Wine is better with age right?  So the consensus was that “the regulars” will sign up for multiple classes so they always have a batch of wine they made waiting for them in their cellar.  Pretty cool, huh?!

IMG_5543Some other things we loved about making our own wine this way:

  1. We didn’t need to make the investment in our own wine-making supplies.
  2. This process omits the need to use all of the sulfites they add to store-bought wines, so many people don’t get the headaches they get with store-bought wine when they drink this wine.
  3. We made our own wine! So much more fun to drink wine that you made yourself and with friends!

Schedule a date night or friends-night-out and go make some wine with Eric at Vines to Wines!